Project Launch – Brooklyn-based residency and research

Waterways is an interdisciplinary research project intended to examine water through environmental and sociological study and transform that information into choreographic actions that engage local New Yorkers.  A collaboration carried out in the converged areas of science, architecture, media, music and movement,  the research process will invoke interactive scenarios and include community-based actions.

What is the level of rainfall that spills into my street’s drain, and what is in my tap water?  All of these measurable values are liquid.  Waterways aspires to answer these questions with movements, and transform liquid data into a fluid process.  Liquid is a form – a way of staying in motion, of maintaining a state of development, of being in process – now, and later.  While seemingly self-propelled, water does not move by itself. Guided but not directed by its source, Waterways is pushed along by the city itself.