Response to the Water Muse

From Lucy:

Water Molecule

Water Molecule

Some stand-outs for me in David’s list are the fact that water is a unique compound, forms snowflakes, and has great destructive capacity.  I’m curious to know more about what makes the molecular composition unique.  Could we create a water molecule?  What does it take to view it?  What does it look like up-close?  Could we create and combine water molecules in different forms, within ice, on a molecular level, and design chemical snowflakes?  How would we do it?  What would this look like on a massive scale – a glacier?

I am also intrigued by David’s point that water is colorless, yet creates rainbows and reflects light.  What if a physical action created a rainbow, by spraying water at a certain time of day perhaps?  See the League’s plant rainbow contraption for The Grafting Parlour: 

All things are mostly water.  Is this specific to mammals and what we eat, to living things?

David writes that the role of science is to understand in order to balance control of movement and function, yet also to discover through exploration and experimentation.  Can we really “control” such an unruly element as water?  Of course we can help along its course of destruction, by injecting pollutants into the flow and eroding the land that holds the waterways on course, so then is it a responsibility to control water?


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