water loops and circulatory systems

The League of Imaginary Scientists started working in LA on a sketch for interactive waterways – something that could (or not) be incorporated into the Waterways development.  The draft of this project is on display at Outpost for Contemporary Art in LA, as part of the X, Y, Z, and U show, a show on mapping in science and art that the League organized.  This could be a starting point for combining online data with a mechanical action, or just a jumping point for conversation.

There are two parts – an online interaction and a site-specific interaction:

1) an online blog, the water-log, where anyone anywhere can input their experiences of and information about water – personal thoughts, scientific data, geographic information, memories, etc…  When you press enter, you see a ripple, and this ripple could also generate a signal to produce a digital ripple, or a real ripple, somewhere else…  The water-log is in a beta phase.  How it could be interactive is wide open.

2) on-site at the gallery, the toilet is hooked up to a tank with a map in it, and when the toilet flushes, it makes ripples appear in the other room across the map of Los Angeles.  Perhaps the idea of “ripples” can be used to convey how people’s individual actions feed into a global system…

Sketch of ripple mechanics by Dr. Gouldstein

Sketch of ripple mechanics by Dr. Gouldstein

– post by LHG


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