Green architechture for the future

From Klara:

Louisiana is a museum for modern art outside Copenhagen. I was there yesterday and their current exhibition “Green architechture for the future” is very interesting. It focuses on new departures in architecture that meet the need for sustainable development. Here are some quotes and information from yesterday that I want to share with you:

“54,4% of movement by walking and cycling in Shanghai”

“10% of movement by walking and cycling in new NYC”

“Average water usage for inhabitants in NY: 500 liters per capita”

“Average water usage for inhabitants in Copenhagen: 121 liters per capita”

“A person emits 35 g of moisture per hour while standing and 125 g per hour while doing strenuous activity.”

“Natural sounds are significantly different to technical or synthetic sounds. We attribute positive associations to natural sounds, whereas technical or synthetic sounds of the same sound level are perceived as noice. A waterfall, especially in an atrium, creates a positive background noise, which covers other sounds, in addition to providing privacy.”

Underneath is a quote by Norman Foster referring to a project that he is working on from 2007-2023. Masdar City is to be built in the United Arab Emirates and the plan is to create a prototypical and sustainable city, one in which residents and commuters can enjoy the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental footprint.

“To believe in a sustainable future is to trust it will result in a better world. The city of the future has to be a more attractive place in which to live and work. If Masdor or any sustainable initiative does not result in a great place to be, if it isn´t a city that you really want to live in or visit, if it does not lift the spirits, then it is not fulfilling a central part of its function.”

More info about the exhibition here: Green Architecture for the Future – Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

And here is also a cool website made for this exhibition: what if?….cities


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