iLAND asks the collaborators

A LETTER FROM iLAND, with the collective answers of the Waterways collaborators

S5000280Dear Waterways collaborators,

These questions are designed to inspire and facilitate your collaboration as well as to help articulate areas of the process that you feel could be of interest to future residencies. As you know this residency hopes to facilitate a deeper understanding of collaborations across disciplines and to provide you with an opportunity to explore the connections between dance and ecologies. It is in this creative and exploratory vein that these questions are posed to guide, define and illuminate your experience of the residency together.

Feel free to pick and choose which questions interest you and add your own questions and/or comments freely.

Preliminary Questions to be answered at the beginning of your time working together.

What is your starting point?

A blank slate?  We each come from our individual areas of expertise. This gives us a strong background, though not shared experience.  Our starting point will in one sense be sharing our experiences, by crafting experiments, activities, discussions and site visits that allow us to exchange information.

State 5 of the most important goals for the residency –  In terms of your collaboration, the environments you are working in, the participants working with you, the consultants you are working with.

Here’s a start:

– connecting with locals through one-on-one actions and through community partnerships

– moving between disciplines through hands-on water research

– developing new tools for collaboration and “interdisciplinary thinking”

– crafting a template for working with water issues that could be transposed to other cultures

– learning from one another and collaborating well and freely

Could you talk a bit about the relationship between your own kinetic and ecological perspectives? Do you find differences and similarities in how they generate creative activity and stimulate your collaboration?

Water moves in streams and through an underground city circulation.  The natural and imposed movements of water may be reflective of natural movements and altered movement methods of dance.

An early idea was to walk the way of the city’s water circulatory system, carrying buckets the way that water flows (this from Matt in the League).


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