About Waterways

A city’s circulatory system is both human and ecological – one enacted with water systems and cycles and plotted daily by the city’s inhabitants.

Waterways is a collaborative research endeavor and residency, with research nodes enacted as public actions surrounding the theme of water in Brooklyn.  The development of this Brooklyn-based project is supported through iLAND, Inc’s iLAB Residency Program, and by the  generous support of The Danish Arts Council.

The collaborative team includes choreographers Karina Dichov lund, Klara Elenius and Emma Nordanfors of E.K.K.O, media artist Lucy Hg from The League of Imaginary Scientists, environmental researcher David Garin, architect Annie Kwon, and composer Matt McBane.  By focusing on the exchange of their practices and developing a common process, the group will develop interactive scenarios and perform community-based actions.


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