a series of six public events and performances that took place in Brooklyn

Below is a list of the Waterways public actions.  For more details on each action, click on the Action subheading along the left side of the blog, under the category, Waterways Actions.

Sunday, August16th, 11-1 pm: onboard the Waterpod in the Brooklyn Bridge Park
Interactions with the Waterpod’s water system and the city’s water systems were the essence of this day-long experience on board the floating ecological barge, the Waterpod.
More information about the Waterpod is to be found on this site:
Sunday, Sept. 20th, 1-3 pm: Waterways and Confluxcity 2009, Williamsburg waterfront at the East River State Park
This event was formed around a series of site-specific water stories flowing from personal interactions and kinetic experiences to present future scenarios of NY waterways.
More information about Conflux:

Friday-Sunday, Sept. 25-27th, 7-9 pm: HARBOR MOVEMENT at D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival
From Friday–Sunday, Sept. 25-27, 2009: 7-9 pm, every half hour a boat departed from the dock at the Fulton Ferry.
A row of eerie captains directed the audience, and left them alone on the boat as it launched.  On this boat trip, the boat performed the dance choreography to an amplified water score and on the stage of the city and its lights.
More information about D.U.M.B.O.:

Saturday, October 3rd, 4 – 9pm: HUMAN GLACIER at 2012:  Art, The City, and the Environment, The Drop
Paul D. Miller and Waterways collaborate on Human Glacier, the choreographed performance of a melting glacier, with sound by Paul D. Miller.
More information about the event is at Yoko Ono’s site:

Sunday, October 4th, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm:  Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway
A biking tour of the past, present and future, with actions along the Brooklyn Greenway
Meeting point: the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative´s booth at Atlantic Antic, Brooklyn Fall Festival
More information about the Brooklyn Greenways at this link:

Monday, October 5th, 6 pm:  Oyster/Oyster, Dinner, Performance and Discussion with StrataSpore and Waterways, at Gabriel Rivera’s facade/fasad in Red Hook
October 5th marked the launching of StrataSpore and the culmination of Waterways, two interdisciplinary laboratory (iLAB) residencies merging the arts with movement, architecture and ecology.  We hosted a combined water and oyster tasting, featuring your tap water and a cuisine of Oyster mushrooms and Oyster mollusks as catalysts for a conversation.



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